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Ensure your residential automatic garage door continues to operate at optimal performance with routine maintenance performed by AEL Garage Door.

One the largest and heaviest components on your house is your automatic garage door. There are quite a few moving parts that require routine maintenance in order to continue functioning properly and safely. It's easy to forget the garage door when scheduling routine maintenance for your home, but neglecting it can wind up costing you more than anticipated. Don't let small problems expand into larger, more expensive repairs. AEL Garage Door recommends you have your garage door system tuned up annually.

Periodic maintenance will extend the longevity of your garage door

•  Ensures that continued use and function is done safely

•  Minimize the chance for major and costly repairs or replacement

•  Extends the life expectancy of your residential garage door

•  Optimizes functional efficiency

Regular inspections and maintenance services

by AEL Garage Door include

•  Adjusting brake, clutch and limit assemblies.

•  Tightening hinges, couplings, track brackets, drums, back hangs etc.

•  Inspecting tracks, alignments, cables, chains, rollers, etc.

•  Examine safety mechanisms, door controls, and the door opener itself.

•  Lubricating hinges, rollers, tracks, chain hoists, shaft bearings, release mechanisms, etc.

•  Tightening/adjusting/ and lubricating parts as needed

•  And more.


Benefits of routine maintenance for your

residential automatic garage door